Dear readers,

We, Christiane Streit and Ingo Oberrauner would like to introduce ourselves as coaches of our peer-mediators at the Europagymnasium and tell you something about our aim.

Our team consists of fifteen trained peers and twelve peers in training who are always available for our students as well as teachers.

Our aims are:

  • to offer spontaneous help in crises
  • to organise and coordinate our peers
  • to train and accompany the new trainees
  • to organise and lead the meetings of the mediators, where we discuss problems
  • to arrange visits at information-meetings and to offer advanced education

We do all of this to prevent arguments and bullying in the daily school routine.

Mag. Christiane Streit
Mag. Ingo Oberrauner

School mediation at the Europagymnasium

Peer-mediators help the students that are new at our school (1st form students) to make the first year at our school easier for them.

Think back to your first school day in your new school. Everything is different for you. Students, teachers, rooms, classes and the environment….
How should you remember all this? Whom can you ask? Who helps?

WE, the peer-mediators of the Europagymnasium, decided to take over this job. In teams, mediators care for the 1st forms and visit them regularly.
At the beginning of the school year, mediators play games with the young students to make it easier for them to get to know each other. We also accompany the children on school trips.
Our target is to make the students feel comfortable and to create a positive climate in the classes.
Not only the 1st forms but also all the other students are welcome to ask us if they have any conflicts. We try our best to care for each student’s problem but nevertheless it’s not always possible to solve all the conflicts.

Hopefully, we could give you some interesting information about our team.


Your school mediation team