Club Europagymnasium

For years, there have been financial cutbacks in the Austrian secondary school system. This has resulted in a reduction in additional subjects and remedial lessons. To counter this development, our school founded the VEREIN EUROPAGYMNASIUM, a cultural and athletic association.

The Association’s Aims:

  • Dedicated teachers offering attractive courses
  • Meeting social challenges & demands of a modern society and making our school even more interesting
  • Linking students and teachers through creative work, language courses, sporting, musical, cultural and other alternative activities and offers in order to support communal life at school – also by forming contacts with other classes.

Some Association’s Offers from previous Years:

  • Building and playing with model railways
  • Instruments – Sound and Colour
  • Basic cooking 4 students
  • Improvisational theatre
  • Aerobic4U (Move&Tone)
  • Brushing up your Latin (for parents and students)
  • Tennis
  • Typewriting
  • Spanish conversation course
  • Chess
  • Building and flying model airplanes
  • Basketball
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton

The VEREIN EUROPAGYMNASIUM not only organises such courses, but also arranges language competitions within schools and spends any surplus of money on projects, partnerships with other schools, language trips, federal or regional language competitions, excursions, etc. The Verein Europagymnasium makes such activities possible and significantly reduces the financial burden on families.

The Associaton’s Current Management:

Chairman: Mag. Patrick Schager
Vice-chairman: Mag. Julia Watzenig
Cashier: Mag. Josef Bacher
Secretary: Mag. Daniel Oberauner