Drama Classes

One of the many after-school activities at the Europagymnasium is the “Drama Club”.

Once a week the drama groups from the EU classes meet to prepare either solo-performances or sketches in groups. The drama teachers, who are from English-speaking countries, encourage the pupils to talk in English. Everyone from the EU classes can join, however all the girls and boys from the 1st EU classes have to participate. One can learn to improvise, perform in front of an audience, and to present oneself and so on. These abilities aren´t just useful for theatre performances, but also for presentations in work and in school. Drama is very popular because there is no theory and the children and teenagers learn many things in a playful way. This way, pupils ranging from 10-18 years enjoy developing and living out their personalities and ideas. Twice a year, usually in spring and around Christmas, there is a “Drama Evening”. Depending on the theme, the drama groups dress up and perform many different kinds of plays. This is always a big event and the hall is decorated with art projects and other creative things. One class is always responsible for the buffet, which is related to the festival theme. Not only parents and other family members or friends are invited, but also local well-known people come to see the young actors performing.

Thanks to many helping hands and generous donations, the drama shows are always a big success and the drama club is really worth visiting.