Grammar School | Classic

The academic secondary school comprises 4 years of lower grade and 4 years of senior classes and concludes with the final examination (Matura).

On passing the final exam you are entitled to study at university, polytechnic school, college of education or an academy.

At the Europagymnasium the classic branch offers a comprehensive education with a focus on languages.


Lower grades (1st to 4th grade)

1st and 2nd grade: the curriculum is identical in all grammar-schools (see timetable)

3rd and 4th grade: choice between Latin or an alternative second language (Italian or French)



Senior classes (5th to 8th grade)

Chosen languages from the lower grades are continued and additionally there is the possibility of adding another (3rd) foreign language:


Latin, if French or Italian have been chosen in 3rd grade.


French, Greek or Italian, if Latin has been chosen in 3rd grade.


From 6th to 8th grade optional subjects to a total of 3 lessons per week are chosen.