(English) 6c: Language and the Brain – Prof. Christina Valaki, Klagenfurt University

6c: Language and the Brain – Professor Christina Valaki, Klagenfurt University

On 17th April, Professor Christina Valaki of the Alpen-Adria University in Klagenfurt and Trieste University visited the classes 6C and 7C to give a talk about the human brain and how it processes language.

Building on knowledge that our pupils have gained in biology and psychology lessons, Professor Valaki explained what happens when we are confronted with language. In particular, topics such as bilingualism and dyslexia (Legasthenie) were discussed.  Professor Valaki, a Greek national who usually lectures to university students of English, prepared the presentation especially for our pupils and they were full of praise!

Schally Valerian:

It is very interesting to learn more about different brain regions and linguistic aspects. I liked especially the information about the connection between them.

David Lautner:

We should´ve done this in biology for at least a year! Fascinating!

Viktoria Cesar:

I really enjoyed the presentation! I´ve learned a lot about the brain. Continue doing this, because you have an amazing voice, it´s really nice listening to you!

Fabian Slamanig:

Thank you for the great performance in front of 6c. I´ve learned a lot and the way you presented the brain and its functions was very interesting. Thank you!

Natascha Šumnik:

It was really great to have such presentation! It was fascinating to hear about all the different functions of the brain!

Franziska Ganster:

It was very interesting to learn more about our brain and I am glad that I could hear such a presentation.

Alina and Ines:

It was a very interesting presentation and a lot more of additional information than what we can do in biology.


Other comments….

It´s fascinating how complex the brain is!

I was really glad to see how the brain works!

Very interesting presentation, interesting to know how brain activity changes between languages, very interesting, it´s a shame that we hadn´t enough time to hear more.

Our pupils were so fascinated by this topic that future talks are planned! Thankyou from us all to Professor Valaki!

Diane Mochar, BA 2012/2013