Cambridge Advanced English – 8C

As part of the educational path of the EU-classes’ English program at the Europagymnasium Klagenfurt, last year’s 7c class took part in the Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English. After an arduous year of extensive practice and the continuous efforts of Professor Mag.a Wang to provide her pupils with the best preparation possible, the big day finally dawned on us. High-strung but hopeful, the entire class faced the exam. The highly anticipated results were found to be very rewarding, as the class excelled, yielding outstanding results as a merit for the never ending strive for improvement and expansion of linguistic capabilities. As every year the WIFI generously invited all the classes which had participated in the exam to a festive award ceremony. In the presence of our respected teachers and our highly esteemed headmaster, Mag. Gerhard Hopfgartner, each student was called up onto the stage to receive his/her certificate. Subsequent to the wonderful ceremony a buffet awaited us, where we were able to reflect on last year’s experience. (F. Korak)