(English) 7c: Lecture on "Language and the Brain"

7c: Lecture on “Language and the Brain”

On 17th April we were given a presentation on Neurolinguistics by Professor Christina Valaki of KlagenfurtUniversity. We learned a lot of new things about how we actually learn to speak a language, where in the brain it is controlled, and also how to best memorise vocabulary. As we were dealing with this particular topic in psychology, we were all especially interested in all the psychological aspects of learning languages, which we had already heard about before, combined with the necessary neurobiological processes that take place in the brain. Furthermore Professor Valaki gave us an insight into persons with dyslexia, and how difficult it is for these people to read or write. After the presentation was over, everybody was visibly enthusiastic and asked many interesting questions.

We hope to be able to have another interesting  lecture about a similar topic, and we want to thank Mrs. Mochar for organising everything!

Stephany Sigott, 7C