Skiing trip Saalbach-Hinterglemm

by Elena NIEMETZ 3D

On Saturday oh what a fun
We drove to Saalbach didl dadl dam
It was our ski trip with the school
And we felt happy without the rules
The rules came afterwards
That was no fun
But the place was beautiful
And we had a lot of sun
Metres of snow
We went fast and we went slow
On our skis we jumped and crashed
And the snow we mashed
Luckily we were on the slopes
Making our curves, being the next skiing hopes
Our teachers were not always amused
Of what we did and what we used
In the disco we danced all night long
But at some point we had to stop
Because the time was all gone
The nights were quiet
And we fell asleep
Cause the sport made us tired
And we dreamed deep
The whole week was exciting
And we had a lot of fun
But when we came home
The school life had already begun