(2.-9. October 2016)

6A & 6B

A few impressions of Ireland and a handful of statements from students.

Mike, 15 years old, won 32Euros at the Grey Hound Race.

“After having visited Dublin I know I`m a metropolitan !“ Blagovest

“It was my first flight and it was an amazing experience.“ Angelika

„Our host mother was so caring and nice. We often talked to her until late hours.It was a great experience“. Elisabeth

“Something I always will remember about that journey is the evening in a real Irish Pub, where we – the two classes and our three teachers – sang and danced together.Seeing your classmates falling over their own feet boosted our friendships a lot.“ Lisa-Marie

“When we were standing at a car park, a taxi came around the corner suddenly. A man got out of the car and our teachers already thought it was their taxi – but it was not. It was our host father who was a taxi driver… Very funny – I will never forget that moment!“ Magdalena

“For me the main attraction in Dublin is Molly Malone.I met her twice and it was magical.“ Adil

“The people in Ireland are very friendly and funny. They show you the way when you get lost.“ Michelle

“Our pupils behaved properly, the weather was quite untypical (no rain), the guide in Belfast had a strong accent which made it nearly impossible for our students to understand him, even the lost bagpack and passport could be found in time so that we could return together as planned. It definitely was an exciting, educational journey and we want to thank our pupils for their reliability, politeness and openness towards what is new.“ Prof. Erler, Prof. Streit & Prof. Wang

“Thank you, Prof. Streit for organizing this unforgetabke week.“pupils 6A & 6B


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