Rückblick: Christmas Show 2013-12-13 … a fun-filled evening of Christmas entertainment!

 … a fun-filled evening of Christmas entertainment!


Once again the pupils of the music and drama classes provided us with a fun-filled evening of Christmas entertainment. Our youngest pupils, those of 1E, sang three Christmas songs, with confidence and with impressively good English accents!  Pupils from the drama groups of 2E, 3E and 4E performed entertaining sketches which they had created and studied with their drama teachers. Poor Santa Claus, suffering from stress at the busiest time of the year had to cope with doubts about his weight as well as avoid attacks on his life. Needless to say, each time there was a happy end and Christmas was safe for another year.


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

God rest ye merry, gentlemen,

let nothing you dismay. 

Remember, Christ our Saviour was born on Christmas day. 

To save us all from Satan’s power,

When we were gone astray. 

O, tidings of comfort and joy,

comfort and joy,

O, tidings of comfort and joy.


A big thank you to all who were involved both on the stage, backstage and in the preparations for this lovely evening!

Diane Mochar, BA


Special thanks to our pupils!

showmasters: Pauline Wagner & Valerian Schalley, 7c;

… pianist: Valentin Gruber, 7c;

… technical support: Kathi Schüttelkopf, Sarah Salzburger, Gregor Hohl, Maximilian Pichler, Fabian Slamanig, Johannes Hirsch, 7c;

… buffet: Caro Kerstnig, Anna Mochar, Anna Kohler, 6c;

… photography: Alexandra Zauner, Felix and Magdalena Salcher, 6c;




Oh Hear the Sound of Silence

1E/ Dr. Siegfried Pfeifer

accompanied by Valentin Gruber 7C


We Love You Just the Way You Are

Silvia Gayler and 2D

Father Christmas thinks he is too fat this year , and so he asks the magic mirror for some help.

DSC_5764 DSC_5766

The Phantom Menace

Sheri-Lee Topp and 2D

Ken has a surprise for Barbie at Christmas time.


The Advent Calendar

Silvia Gayler and 3E 

Father Peter Jacob is ill and needs special medicine. When Mary opens the window on 13th December something very special happens….


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

1E/ Dr. Siegfried Pfeifer and

Valentin Gruber


Santa Needs a Holiday.

Silvia Gayler and 3E

Santa is tired and decides to take a holiday, but who will do his work while he is away? Auditions are held.

DSC_5853 DSC_5865

A Bit of Christmas Fun

Silvia Gayler and 4D

A group of friends are preparing for the Christmas school play. Some younger pupils decide to sew their costumes together!


Drama at the North Pole!

Susan Griffith and 4D  

Mrs Claus and her detective agency discover a plot to kill Santa.  Will this evil plot succeed and Christmas be destroyed?


Little Drummer Boy

1E/ Dr. Siegfried Pfeifer and

Valentin Gruber

*        *        *        *        *        *               


We hope you have enjoyed the show and would like to wish you …




Diane Mochar, BA &

Mag.Dr. Siegfried Joh. Pfeifer