Cambridge Certificate Award Ceremony October 2013

Cambridge Certificate Award Ceremony October 2013

 cc FCE: 6c/2013

We celebrated our Cambridge Certificate Award Ceremony at the WIFI Klagenfurt on October 1st. Many teachers and headmasters from different schools assembled to watch us as we were recognized for our hard work. During the ceremony, each student was called up on stage to accept a certificate from Andreas Görgei, head of the WIFI Klagenfurt. Mr. Görgei repeatedly praised us for our efforts, and a photographer took pictures of each class together with our headmaster and class teachers. The event ended with an ensemble performed by Ursulinen Klagenfurt which consisted of a short yet very nice performance with modern music.  At the end, we were invited to a buffet with burgers and drinks.  We all know that these qualifications will help us in our careers in a variety of ways, and we are very proud of our achievements.

 8c-cae-2013 CAE: 8c/2013

Alda Schneider and Lisa Steinwender, 6C

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