After-School Care

After-School Care (Tagesbetreuung)


“Learning & Studying” in our after-school care at the Europagymnasium offers a variety of different activities: doing homework, intensified studies, working with computers in our computer labs, but also tabletop football, reading, sports in the gym or at our sports ground, if it is warm enough outside…

We open daily after the 5th or 6th lesson and close after the 10th, which ends at 16:25. After-school care can be attended on a daily or an hour basis. Leaving after-school care is only possible at the end of each semester by written notice three weeks before the end of the semester at the latest. It is always possible to change the days of attendance.

After lessons we meet in front of the school building and walk to the Kelag, where we enjoy our group lunch together. The cafeteria offers food in the form of a buffet, which includes soup, a main dish, salad, a drink and a dessert for 4,80 € per day. Afterwards we walk back to school.

The students are divided into groups with pupils of the same age to do homework and to study for specific classes. All students are looked after by Europagymnasium teachers and receive their assistance if needed. In the case of a student needing advice on a core subject, additional learning assistance will be provided by teachers.

Not only is academic success very important to us, but also the personal development of each child. Therefore, we offer five hours per week of core-related teaching in the subjects of Maths, German and English.

Daily Routine:

Beginning:       after class (after the 5th or 6th lesson)
Lunch:                      in the 7th lesson
Core study time:      for homework and other exercises from 14:00 to 15:30
Homework or free time:     from 15:30 to 16:25
End:                          16:25

Monthly costs for After-School Care supervision:

1 day per week         26,40 €
2 days per week        35,20 €
3 days per week        52,80 €
4 days per week        70,40 €
5 days per week        88,00 €

Applications for financial help are available at our school.

Contact persons:  Mag. Markus Benedikt und Mag. Nora Schinegger

Phone number: 0676 56 92 073 (available after 12:20)