English Drama

This year’s drama evening

On Friday, December 15, the Drama and Dance group of the Europaklassen had their annual drama performance. The motto was „Winter Celebrations Around the World“. Kelly Krenn worked on the sketches, Tony Lardge took care of the dance performance and Barbara Goesch garnished the evening with songs, sung by the 1d class choir.

The announcers, Romy Jost and Juliana Zelsacher introduced and finished the evening. Old Frost, Katharina Sommer, and her helper, Anna Melcher,
led us through the programme. They were blown by the wind to different countries where they observed the various winter celebrations. Hanukkah, a Jewish festival, was the first they visited. In this scene the actresses lit a Menorah and danced the Hora. We then saw a Christmas tree with candles and presents underneath. A family consisting of mother, father and two children enjoyed opening their presents. This was Austria’s way to celebrate Christmas.
The English celebration was characterised by the food they were eating as the family merrily „decked the hall“ together.
Then we got a glimpse of the American celebrations. The scene showed the American tradition of Christmas carolling where singers go from door to door singing Christmas songs to their neighbours.
In the Mexican scene we saw a game where the children were blindfolded and had to hit a ball (pinata) hanging from the ceiling with a long stick. This was so difficult that only the first and the last performer were successful, and they finally did manage to break it open and discover the sweets inside. The last scene was from China. It showed the final day of the Chinese New Year Celebration. The children admired their money tree and then hurried off to watch the dragon parade.

In all the scenes the actresses and actors were wearing the typical costumes of the respective countries. Hanukkah, English and Mexican Scenes were performed by the 3e. The actresses were Bianca Ambrusch, Anna Erlacher, Marie Krenn, Verena Kröpfl, Patrizia Leitsoni, and Anna Sophie Pirtscher. The Austrian, American and Chinese scenes were performed by the pupils of the 4d: Lisa Malle, Lukas Prause, Patrick Sagmeister, Anja Staber, and Marina Ragger.

Between the various scenes Lisa Bednar, Simone Harder, Lisa Melcher, and Theresa Würtz, all from the 5c, performed dances to some songs typical for winter. Christoph Treiber and Marco Breithuber were responsible for lights and sound.

The evening finished with a buffet, organised by Saya Ahmad, Sophie Pachinger, and Soma Ahmad pupils of the 5c and 6d.

All in all everybody did a great job and it was food for the eye, the ear, and the stomach.

Special thanks to Kelly Krenn who was the driving force for this performance.

Christa Piber