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Application for first form 2014/15

  • With the half-term report from fourth class primary school
  • Deadline for applications: 8th February to 1st March
  • You may apply at only one school
  • The preliminary acceptance will be announced in writing to the parents no later than the 1st April
  • The report of 4th class  of primary school has to be handed to the school for checking  whether the acceptance criteria are fulfilled no later than the 12th July

If the pupil fulfills the acceptance criteria, the preliminary application is obligatory.

Application forms are available from the secretary’s office of the Europagymnasium Klagenfurt and online on


Acceptance criteria for the first form

If the student has an A or B in the subjects German, Reading, Writing and Mathematics in the report of 4th class of primary school, he/she has the maturity to attend a Secondary School (AHS).

The student will be preliminary accepted if the half term report of 4th class in primary school contains no ‘C’ in German, Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

The preliminary –Schulplatzzuweisung- will take place on the 7th Monday after the half-term holidays at the latest.

Students with a ‘C’ in German, Reading, Writing or Mathematics in the half term report of the 4th class of primary school won’t  initially get a preliminary acceptance and will be accepted at other schools provided that there are free places.

Entrance examinations, if necessary (if acceptance criteria are not fulfilled), take place on Tuesday  2nd  July  and Wednesday  3rd  July in our school.



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